Cubierta a dos aguas AluminioPool covers are structures that require careful installation and planning, so you can enjoy your pool without relying on the capricious weather. Any pool, space or structure is likely to be met to improve their conditions and habitability. In a country like Spain, with a changing climate and few really warm months of the year, installing a pool cover is an excellent idea to extend the period in which you and your family can enjoy a good swim.

Also, you can check after installing one of our covers, the costs of maintaining your pool will decrease significantly. Both organic and inorganic residues remain outside the bathroom area, so the time spent cleaning the facilities and the investment allocated to the same decrease. No more leaves, branches, flowers, blades of grass, insects, dust, dirt or rocks in the water. Additionally useful life of the filters and other cleaning elements increases by decreasing wear and tear.

To prevent accidents with children, pets, the elderly, or dependents, covers doors lock from the inside, except one, which has an opening system with a safety button. This protection system allows adequate ventilation of the area covered, since the structure has screened windows located more than a meter high, so that children can not enter through the windows, by mistake.

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