Mobile roofs and skylights

Lucernario eleganteSkylights are structures that condition a courtyard to protect them from the elements outside.

Its design and subsequent proper installation are critical to ensuring architectural and habitable conditions required for optimal use of this type of structure.

With a skylight properly designed and installed, you can increase the square footage of buildings with courtyards, without thereby losing in brightness and spaciousness. Furthermore, you avoid the dirt.

The mobile roofs add a new functionality to the skylights, as they allow the opening of the covering structure. So you can enjoy drafts on hot days or more effectively ventilate the central areas of your building.

Our company has a proven expertise and efficiency in the design and installation of mobile roofs and skylights, with special care in the integration with the environment, respecting the habitat and surrounds. Do not wait to expand the number of square footage of your building. And thanks to this type of structure the conditions of thermal insulation and moisture from the rest of construction will improve significantly.

Photo gallery of skylights and mobile roofs